Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Changed Lives :: Lake Tahoe Summer project

When Jesus called His disciples to faith in Him, He then spent three years “building them in their faith and sending them to reach others”. We strive to do the same; in fact, Campus Crusade for Christ’s mission is to “win-build-send”. This is an example of the building and sending part of what we do. We rejoice to see the work that Jesus has done (and is doing) in the life of Jared, and the work Jesus is doing in the lives of others through him. We echo Robert Frazier’s statement that appeared at the end of his story, and we sincerely thank you: Your investment has given Jared a place and opportunity to grow and develop and multiply himself in ministry.

Jesus grows his Children
by Robert and Malia Frazier, staff serving in Boise, ID

When Jared was a freshman in high school, his father pressed him to be involved in a confirmation process with his church. Jared was very interested in the true meaning of life and how spirituality and religion could be a part of his life. As he went through confirmation Jared started to read the Bible on his own and got to the book of Romans. Reading Romans 10 Jared gave his life to Jesus on his own and sought out a church where he could grow in faith.

Jared’s senior year of high school he showed up at a Student Venture meeting. We started to meet regularly to pray and study and train him to lead at his school. Over the fall semester he went from young believer to student leader. He was driven to share his faith with his friends and peers at school and started to lead small groups at our SV meetings.

As Jared graduated from high school in May of 2008, he headed off to college. Over the course of the year, he taught an evangelism course to a group of students on campus, shared his faith with a few dozen peers and helped as an adult leader for SV.

This summer Jared went to the Lake Tahoe Summer project with the college ministry of Campus Crusade. While at the project God gave Jared a heart to reach the homeless that hang out on the beach during the week—so he rallied other students on the project and raised money to bring lunch to 25+ people every day. While he fed them and their physical need, he also took initiative to share his faith with dozens of men on the beach. Several received Christ, he helped find jobs for a few and plugged some of them into discipleship groups at local churches.

Most recently, Jared has been accepted and is working as a SV intern. God has worked in Jared’s life to draw him in, raise him up, and heal him in Christ’s redemptive power.

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