Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Changed Lives :: Indianapolis

Over the years we have been sharing these stories, you may realize we take all opportunities to get in front of students so they know who our staff are and hopefully become interested in Student Venture. Holding an event with a “Love” focus is right down a high schooler’s alley – especially the girls!  So staff around the country use Valentines to gather students and share the Gospel. Today’s story is about a Valentine’s event and the students who attended.  God will use any method to draw students to Himself, and our staff try to listen and be obedient to His leading. Thank you for your obedience to partner with Student Venture.  We are blessed by you!  

Jesus is Love  - - -
by Mark and Dawn Michal, staff serving in Indianapolis
Love. It's a topic that everyone is interested in, and it is a great topic to bridge to the gospel.  In February, we held our annual Amazing Date outreach where we played our version of the Newlywed game and gave a $50 date package to the winner.  There were 50 to 60 people who came to play the game or watch their friends play it.
Mr. Johnson (the school choir director) shared a little about how God designed our romantic relationships to be and how to carefully navigate the treacherous roads of dating.  He is a well respected teacher at the school, so his genuine vulnerability on this topic was very much appreciated by the students
About half of the people that came were new; ten said they wanted to get more involved and three said they wanted to start a relationship with Christ! Please be praying for these people as we follow them up, and get them plugged in with our meetings and small groups. Thank you so much for helping us reach these teens who desperately need Jesus!

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