Thursday, August 25, 2005

Cooper is three weeks old and our house SOLD!

Cooper is doing great despite the crying, diapers and constant feedings. Mom is a bit worn out but is getting the hang of all this. I am taking her out tomorrow night on a date. Our sister-in-law, Julie Livesay, will be the heroic baby sitter! We will be celebrating Cooper's three week birthday and the official sale of our house in Atlanta! It closed finally today. Thanks for the many prayers in bringing it about!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Summary of delivery!

at 9:15 AM:
Recovering in hospital. Today Mom will start walking around despite the staples/stiches. Some pain but only when moving. Cooper is doing great!

at 9:02 AM:
Tuesday, August 02, 2005
Announcing Robert "Cooper" Crutsinger

Robert "Cooper" Crutsinger was born on August 2 at 3:16am. He is 7lbs
4oz and 19in long. Laura had a real rough night with 18 hours of
progressing along, then ending up still having to have a C-section b/c
Cooper didn't want to come out any further, regardless of how much mommy
was pushing. The epidural kept wearing off on Laura's right side. Laura
is trying to recover and we both need some sleep. She'll be breast
feeding every 3 hours. Thank you for your continued prayers. Pictures
will be added once we get access to internet.

7:02 AM:
All is now fine. It's a healthy boy! details soon...

at 3:38 AM:
Dr. doing C-section. Prepping now.

at 2:51 AM:
Pain came back again on left side. More meds. Dr. is coming in. May do C-section. Pray baby remains safe & healthy, & for restored hope. Tired.

at 2:33 AM:
Taking a break til 1am. Got some more pain meds, 2 Tylonol &penicillin drip to fight potential infection. All is ok. Pray pushing works better.

at 12:54 AM:
Still pushing.

at 12:45 AM
Monday, August 01, 2005
At 10cm! Going into labor now.

at 10:37 PM:
Still @5cm & pain is back. Got more meds. Pray we get to 10cm QUICKLY. Been 12hrs since water broke.

at 9:46 PM:
Night shift just got here @Winter Park Hospital. Dr. Grace should be back at 9:30pm to check how dialated Laura is. Pray we get to 10cm quickly.

at 8:19 PM:
Dr. Grace just came in & did checkup. Dialated a little over 4cm. By 8pm we need to be over 5cm or may need C-section. Pray we reach 5cm soon.

at 6:07 PM:
No major updates. No pain at all. According to the monitor the contractions are stronger & closer. Estimated delivery is 10pm.

at 5:25 PM:
100% effaced, 4 cm dialated, stage -1. Howard watched epidural w/ no problem. Laura's about to sleep while Howard gets himself something to eat.

at 3:20 PM:
100% effaced, 4 cm dialated, stage -1. Howard watched epidural w/ no problem. Laura's about to sleep while Howard gets himself something to eat.

at 3:14 PM:
Just finished w/ epidural & already no more pain! Laura's now smiling again!

at 2:19 PM:
Just ordered the epidural to take edge off. Watching a dvd on computer to distract from the contractions.

at 1:21 PM:
Contractions a bit more painful. 2-4 minutes apart lasting 1 minute.

at 11:29 AM:
90% effaced, 2 cm, stage -1. Pregressing fine with minor contractions.

at 10:23 AM:
Checked into hospital @7:45am on Aug 1. On pitocin to induce. Dr. Grace broke Laura's water @9:45am. Now we wait! (making updates by cell phone)