Saturday, December 11, 2004

Nate's 1st Real Christmas

I've included a story this month about a young man who is experiencing his first "real" Christmas this year. That's what Student Venture is all about . . . helping teenagers begin a personal relationship with Christ, helping them grow in their faith and then helping them make a difference for Christ in the lives of the people around them.

>>> Nate grew up in a pretty typical home these days, a broken one. He and his mom traveled the country stopping here and there for a year or two at a time. Finding himself in Boston at the age of about 13, Nate began seeking answers to the questions he kept hearing about the meaning of life and what this religion stuff was all about. As he looked, the pressures of early adolescence broke him down and he found himself making choices that left him unsatisfied. Just when he met a man who had a few answers, true to fashion, he moved again, this time to Atlanta, starting over again with his dad and new step mom.

Meanwhile, Courtney, a junior at Chattahoochee high school just outside Atlanta, was busy inviting friends to the new Student Venture ministry at her school. She invited Yan who eventually invited Chase. Chase gave his life to Christ and as it turns out, met this new kid, Nate, in chorus class. Chase invited Nate to have dinner with the local Student Venture staff where he was given a clear presentation of God's plan of forgiveness and grace. Three weeks later, at a Student Venture meeting, Nate heard the gospel again and this time was ready to make a commitment to place his faith in Christ.

But wait, it gets better! Just this week, Nate, excited about his newfound meaning and purpose, stood up at this year's Student Venture Community Celebration and shared his story with over two hundred people. The coolest part? Two of those people were his dad and step mom who had no idea what it means to have a relationship with a God who loves them. Nate is experiencing his first "real" Christmas this year, understanding the meaning of the birth of Christ in a totally new way and is already excitedly sharing it with others.