Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2011-03 Ministry Update


9 Student Winter Conferences

Descriptive texts of the conferences:
  • Opportunity for significance
  • Transformed lives
  • Morning and evening main sessions with great worship
  • Evangelism training and a day of outreach in a public setting
When students and leaders returned home, their actual Facebook statuses, which you can read here, reflected the things that happened in their hearts. Andrea and Jamal had a limited knowledge about Jesus before they went to FastBreak, but over the weekend, they placed their faith in Him for the first time! Not only did Jamal give his life to Christ, he also shared the Gospel with 4-5 others the next day. Right underneath was a post from Jamal’s dad saying “I am so proud of you!” Quincy became a believer after a SV staff member shared the gospel with him last fall, and God used Fastbreak to help him grow in his young faith.

Video Gospel Presentation

For several months, I’ve lead a project using creative video clips to illustrate and communicate the Gospel message. Our prayer is the video will go “viral” online when it’s released.

Family Pics


Complete Letter

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Video I Created of Japan Devastation to Lead Viewers to Biblical Perspectives

I created a 4 minute video with pictures from yesterday's earthquake/tsunami in Japan.

My desire was to lead people to pray, but also to lead seekers to, one of our key web strategies.

My description includes:
For help in finding answers about "Where is God in the Midst of Tragedy?" visit: 

The YouTube video, "65 devastating photos of Japan Tsunami" can be found on Student Venture's YouTube channel here:

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Changed Lives :: New York City, Just Not Into Church

“Meeting someone where they are.” - That statement could be applied a couple of ways to this story.  Student Venture Staff met Antonio “where he was” when they met him outside his school.  They also  met Antonio “where he was” when staff used Antonio’s answer about church to share the Gospel with him.  “Meeting someone where they are” shows them that Christ and the gospel apply to their lives and their present circumstances.  Combine that with the Holy Spirit’s work in a person’s heart, and a new child of God is born!
In the future, when you are walking around in Heaven, don’t be surprised if Antonio comes to you and says, “Thank you for giving to the Lord; I am a life that was changed.”  We agree with Antonio!

Just Not Into Church

by Kevin and Ginnette Young, staff serving in New York City
I met Antonio, a freshman on the football team, outside the school.  Moses (another SV staff) and I had decided to use the half hour lull before weight training to talk about the Lord to whomever He put in our path.  “You into the church thing, Antonio,” I asked? “Not really, but sometimes I go to church when I feel bad about something I’ve done.” I asked him if he would like to grab a slice of pizza and hear about how he could be forgiven all the time; and he jumped at it.  We sat down and I shared a simple outline of the gospel.  I could tell he was tracking, because his questions anticipated each point I made.  Towards the end of our time, I asked him if he wanted to begin a relationship with Christ, so that he could be forgiven for all of his sins, all of the time.  His emphatic “yes” led to us praying together.  It was sweet to see his countenance change, and the evidence of God’s assurance wash over him. I wrote the day’s date on the cover of the booklet.  “Save this, Antonio,” I said, “it will remind you that today is your spiritual birthday.”  His smile could have stopped the L-train (metro)!