Monday, March 14, 2005

After about a year of work, it’s finally here! ->
We have finally launched our website designed completely for casting vision of Student Venture to potential candidates and sharing what vocational ministry opportunities we can provide. This has been a mammoth undertaking. It has already had a tremendous impact. Daily I get inquiries from people, from all over the place asking about our ministry positions. Our website can now do a more thorough job of filtering out those who would not fit in Student Venture, while speeding up the process for those who are qualified. The site has everything from online videos, frequently asked questions, job openings, qualifications, applications, an article on “Discerning God’s Will” (the best article I’ve ever seen on the topic - it was the tool that led me into fulltime ministry), and much much more. PLEASE DO ME A FAVOR AND VISIT THE SITE. I could really use your honest feedback. We’re making tweaks all the time, so your input would be greatly appreciated! It has been said, “you never get a second chance at making a first impression.” This website will be the first impression that many will have of our ministry nationally. Please pray God will draw thousands of college students and graduates to that will “JoinUs” as staff or interns around the country.

So what’s it gonna be... A BOY? or A GIRL?

I remember looking at our summer plans... directing Myrtle Beach Summer Project again, summer Getaway conference
in Panama City, FL, and our National Staff Training in Colorado... a pretty packed summer, and who wants to be pregnant during the summer anyway? I remember telling Laura, why don’t we not make a concerted effort at getting pregnant until after our rigid schedule slows a bit. I think the Lord laughed and may have said “you’re schedule will never slow down, so I’ll just alter a few of your plans!” So that’s when it happened. After three years of trying to get pregnant, we decided to temporarily stop trying so hard, and then we got pregnant!So, alter our plans, He did! Our plans for the summer are now up in the air. And we are eager to jump into the new world of parenthood! We are so excited. Our next ultrasound is in two weeks. I think we’ll find out then if it’s a boy or a girl...Last weekend, we celebrated our five year anniversary at a nearby Bed and Breakfast. We laughed a lot about this being one of the last quiet anniversaries in the years ahead! Laura has been a trooper in the midst of it all! She is just now starting to show. Our due date is around August 6, 2005.