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Urban Changed Life Story :: Indianapolis

One of the ministries under the Campus Crusade for Christ umbrella is a ministry to African American students called “Impact”. This is a ministry that partners with us, and other ministries, to build spiritual movements within the African-American community and among people of African descent worldwide. While our FastBreak and Getaway conferences are designed for students of all nationalities, Impact conferences are able to focus on the unique needs of African Americans.

In December, some of our Student Venture staff took their African American students to an Impact conference. The story below is from one of the students who is involved in Student Venture in Indianapolis and attended the conference. We are always amazed at the various avenues God uses to turn hearts to Himself. We are thrilled and humbled that God, in His grace, will use us to do His work.

While we are on the frontlines with these students on a daily basis, you are the much appreciated, behind-the-scenes support that is vital for God’s work to be done. Your partnership is never taken for granted!

A Family Affair
by C.J and Anika Neal, SV staff in Indianapolis, IN

A letter from Lindsae - -

On December 27th, 2008, (the first night of the conference) I rededicated my life to Christ. Having done that, I called my mom ’cause I was so excited! Like, I was in shock! Then I had a chance to talk to all my family, and one of my aunts re-dedicated her life; she said that listening to me talk about how I’d changed and the personal relationship that I wanted to have with God made her want to change her ways. When I got back home, it was put on my heart that I needed to start something with my family. So, I started a Bible study with my family that Saturday at 10am. That day, I did everything — breakfast, the lesson plan, praise and worship, and I taught my first lesson!!!! (I’m so excited about that!!!) We now meet every Saturday with my whole family (aunts, uncles and cousins included)! I’m studying my Bible and learning to teach others, and I owe it all to God!
-Lindsae H.

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