Monday, January 09, 2006

eLearning Project

I am on a taskforce trying to create an online training center for our staff, interns, volunteers.  With our scope of building spiritual movements everywhere (over 56,000 high schools in US), we are inventing new platforms to equip our future workforce.

This Monday and Tuesday (Jan 9-10) eLearning Project Planning Seminar we hope to:
      Walk through the eLearning process / Big picture overview
      Review Student Venture training content of what we will put into eLearning format
      Focus on project scope / content / some design - some training in writing
      Key results:  Project Plan established / Course Content Determined / Design     
      Concept Outlined
is a site with a nine-minute presentation explaining the eLearning concept. The site was created by a group that trains journalists. The concepts they present give a good reason for eLearning, and some of the tangibles about eLearning.

Our eLearning content, when we start designing and developing, will include print, video, flash, etc. It will require content specialists in campus ministry, writers and editors, graphics designers, software, internet and computer specialists, etc.

Pray we have some quality productive time in this first round of meetings.

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