Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Campus Crusade Featured in an ABC News, Good Morning America Segment

Today on Good Morning America, there was a story worth watching online.

"Are Students Losing Their Religion on Campus? Many Young People Turn Away from God in College, But It Doesn't Have to Be That Way"

ABC's Good Morning America asked for our help casting their parenting segment called "Keeping the Faith in College."

The story line revolves around a student from a religious family who goes off to college and falls for the temptations of college life. The student wakes up to the emptiness of a party lifestyle and returns to the faith of her parents. Practical do's & don'ts for parents are suggested from the story.

ABC spent a day at the University of Georgia interviewing Ashley and her boyfriend, Ethan. They taped her in her sorority house, walking across campus, leading her evangelistic Bible study at a sidewalk cafe, praying, studying the Bible and attending our weekly meeting. They also interviewed a Campus Ministry staff member regarding our ministry helping students and giving tips for parents of college students. Ashley's parents were also interviewed in their home in Nashville as well as taped worshipping in church.

To view the story yourself, click here:
Keeping the Faith in College, on Good Morning America

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