Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Changed Lives :: Carrollton Discipleship Chain Continues

Multiplication is in the forefront of our minds as we go about God's work. In fact, it is one of our three critical path steps (along with Launch and Involve) in reaching students. If staff were solely responsible for sharing Christ, then some students would hear. But when staff multiply themselves through students and the students multiply themselves through other students, then we have many more students hearing about the love and grace of Christ – that's multiplication.

Example of multiplication: we see students sharing their faith with other students, who share their faith with other students, and so on. God knew about "pyramid strategies" long before "pyramid schemes" came along!

While you probably will never meet these girls, you have played a role in their salvation - and multiplication - by your obedience to God and your partnership with us. We thank you.

One Reaches Two; Two Reach Four
by Tom and Bea Ann Bridges, staff serving in Dallas, TX

At the heart of this ministry, we are trusting God, by His Spirit, for spiritual multiplication among high school students.

Through your prayers and partnership, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, the Lord is raising up discipleship chains at Newman Smith High School. For example . . .

Sasha (volleyball captain and NSHS class of 2007), became a SV student leader and began to disciple Rani, who shared her testimony at an outreach.
. . Rani (volleyball captain and class of 2010), began to disciple Hanna.
. . . Hanna (varsity basketball player, class of 2011), began to mentor her younger sister Maddie
. . . . Maddie (varsity volleyball player, class of 2013) had an opportunity to lead her friend Kathryn to Christ at Fastbreak 2010
. . . . . Jenna (current volleyball captain and class of 2011), discipled by Sasha, is planning a volleyball outreach this semester.

Through sharing their faith individually and at group outreaches, these girls have seen many students give their lives to Christ in the past three years, and then have been actively involved in mentoring these young Christians.

All it takes is one student who leads another to Christ and disciples them for a year, and then the next year those two students each lead another to Christ and disciples them. Soon, thousands of students have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior and are discipling others to do the same.

Please pray that this budding multiplication chain would continue to grow and bear much fruit and give great glory to God!

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