Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Changed Lives :: Venezuela

We love hearing about students whose lives are changed by the Gospel, and rejoice greatly over those who follow Him into ministry.  The story below is the story of a student who came to Christ in high school and continues to serve Him in a mighty way. Praise God!
Oscar Avalos, the staff who wrote the story below, beautifully expresses our gratitude for you ---
I am so excited about Keith’s story because in many ways you are part of similar stories. You make it possible for us to go on high school campuses and help future “Keiths” know Christ. Students who will one day impact entire nations and continents! Who knows what path God has for the students we work with, but I believe whatever great things He has in store for them is made possible by your partnership with us.

You are appreciated.

Help impact one teenager ~ you impact an entire continent
by Oscar and Candis Avalos, SV staff in Peoria, AZ

Our mission was clear: go to Maracaibo, Venezuela to pioneer a ministry among young people in the high schools. In the end, I believe God accomplished that mission through us, but the story leading up to this mission was something only a sovereign God could design.

Nearly 30 years ago, Keith Onishi was a high school student in Houston, TX. He was introduced to a group at his high school called Student Venture and soon was introduced to the person of Jesus Christ through Mike Crandall, one of the SV staff members on his campus. When it was time for Keith to go to college, Mike personally went with him to UT Austin and introduced Keith to staff members with Campus Crusade for Christ. Keith flourished in his faith, caught CCC’s vision and joined staff after college. For years he would move through the ranks of CCC as he served in various schools in the U.S.

Eight years ago, God called Keith, his wife Sheri, and their three kids to move to Maracaibo to be the national directors for the college ministry with CCC. Because of the affect SV had on Keith’s life, in the last couple of years God gave them a vision to pioneer a Student Venture ministry in the city, with hopes of the ministry growing and spreading all over Venezuela. God provided two girls through their college ministry, Nilka and Gaby, who are now graduated and have a passion for reaching teenagers in Venezuela with the gospel

Keith was recently named the national director of all South America and his passion to pioneer college AND high school ministries with CCC/SV, will now become more of a reality for an entire continent!  Only God can do that!

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