Monday, March 09, 2009

Changed Lives :: NY Giants, David Tyree wide receiver :: New York

One of the most effective ways for Student Venture staff members to reach lost students is to use a “Team Talk” strategy.

At a recent football “team talk” in NYC, David Tyree (wide receiver for 2008 Super Bowl champs, the NYC Giants) spoke of his life with Christ.

Because these kinds of outreach meetings are held in the school, we can’t have an open invitation to receive Christ.  However, our local Student Venture staff member, Kevin Young, had the opportunity to tell the students about Student Venture and invited the students to get involved.  Kevin and the NYC staff members will follow up with the students in the coming weeks. At these follow up meetings a clear gospel presentation is usually given with an opportunity for the students to respond.
Kevin also reported that one of the coaches said that God spoke to him during the meeting.  Students are our focus when we hold these outreaches, but God can - and does - reach anyone hearing His message!

Your partnership helps make talks like this possible all across the country – we thank you!

God uses a football hero
by Kevin and Janette Young, SV staff in New York City
The room was stuffed tight with over 100 Grand Street Wolves Football players, and as we stepped into the room, it erupted.  David Tryee is the home town hero, the guy involved in the catch of the century, as some have called it.  It led to the Giants’ Super Bowl victory.  David said his favorite part of the whole season was the parade down Hero’s Canyon in downtown Manhattan where over a million jubilant fans skipped school and work to roar for their team!  
I’ve been to many outreaches over the years, but none has compared to what David did in the 45 minutes he spoke.  He talked their language, having himself grown up in the hood.  The first words out of his mouth were that he loved Jesus Christ, and everything about his life was now centered in Him.  He talked about the low points, and the high points, about mistakes and how Christ brought him out of the lowest hell he could possibly imagine.  The young men in that room were riveted, not a word by anyone. He brought the gospel to them in all its simplicity and all its glory.  Wow!  The coach was ecstatic.  The young men who have been tracking with us in our meetings---you could see their chests swell.  It was the depth of the impact that was so apparent.  Only the Holy Spirit could have fashioned that evening.  He did it by indwelling a young man, sold out to His purposes.  Your prayers make the difference!

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