Monday, November 06, 2006

First Halloween

Watch the video by pressing the orange arrow.

This video is of Cooper's first Halloween. He was a rooster!

* if for some reason the above video doesn't work on your computer, try this alternate version (but it may take a minute to load):


Anonymous said...

He is SO precious! Wish we could
have been there. Good work Howie,
sending the little man out...who
could send him away empty-handed?!!


Anonymous said...

What a great costume! He would have been quite the hit at our annual driveway party! We miss you guys!

Phil and Sharon

Anonymous said...

Jessica and I just watched your Halloween and walking videos. He is too cute! Great job on the videos! Becky Crandall

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. What a cutie. Can't believe we haven't met him yet. Miss you guys.

The Gilliams

Anonymous said...

Hey Howard & Laura,
So last time I saw a picture of Cooper was when he was born. I am so out of the loop on blogging. I have thought about y'all many times, wondering how are they doing? Little did I know you were keeping me informed. So I watched Cooper's birthday, 1st steps and halloween. He's so cute. I feel like I got a very small glimpse into your lives :) Congrats on pregnany #2. When is Laura due? So email when you get a chance. We need to catch up.

Love, Angie Mills Rodriguez

P.S. Happy Belated Birthday to you both :) I still made it in the right month.

Anonymous said...

Cooper as a chicken is handsome. I would even say as a chicken he surpasses Daniel!