Thursday, October 27, 2005

Cooper is almost 3 months old!

Cooper is doing great! He is beginning to sleep more through the night. He has survived his first hurricane - Wilma. And survived his first plane ride when Laura and I went to a life long friend's wedding (Amy Blevins) in Temple, TX. Special thank you to Tim & Beth Mixon's family, the Carpenters, Diane Livesay & others for caring for all of us during the wedding.

Cooper's cooing and delightful expressions light us up!

All of our boxes are finally unpacked and we are beginning to settle in our new home in Orlando, FL. Laura is loving being a mom and I'm loving the position I'm in with Student Venture.

We have a big weekend coming up that I've been working on for the last month, called the Preview Weekend. Read more about it and how to pray below...

Thanks for your prayers and support! You are so appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping me posted! I love seeing the pictures. I really want to see a bigger view of the Livesay kids, spouses and their kids! I can call y'all kids right since I knew you way back when?! Laura, you look fabulous and Cooper is a doll! Howard, you look good too :)! Love ya, darlene

Anonymous said...

Sounds so exciting! Praying for the Preview Weekend and for Cooper!

Anonymous said...


Love the picture format. Thanks for sharing.

Steve van Diest