Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Katherine's Changed Life Story... (Summer Getaway)

Katherine Nardizzi's story started several months ago when she came to a Student Venture outreach meeting and then began to get involved in a small group Bible study. Although she had gone to church some growing up, she viewed it as "boring" and "never truly understood what it all meant". Through Kat's involvement in the small group Bible study, she began to realize that she could have a relationship with God that was personal and intimate and that meant more than simply going to church or some other religious activity. Then in January, Katherine attended the Student Venture FastBreak. At this conference she was challenged with the idea of trusting Christ with her life. During the week, she placed her faith in Christ and went from knowing about God to knowing Him personally and trusting Him with her life.

She also learned how to share her newfound faith with others at the FastBreak. She said, "I wanted to learn because sharing the gospel is the absolute best news you could ever give someone. With the tools I was given to share my faith, I want to reach out to everyone I can in hopes of changing people's lives so that they can find the happiness that everyone is searching for."

When she got back home, she continued to be involved with her small group Bible study. Her leader, Becca, was a good friend and mentor and helped answer her questions and get her established in her faith. She began to feel connected to God rather than viewing Him as distant and uninterested. She began to spend time with Him every day reading His word and praying. Naturally, Kat wanted to go to the Getaway conference this summer.

At the Getaway, Kat was given more training in how to grow personally in her relationship with God and in how to effectively share her faith with others. She developed a stronger conviction of her need to share the Gospel with others back home as she shared with people on the beach. The first week that she was home from the Getaway, she shared the Gospel at an outreach with 60-70 high school students. Immediately afterwards, one of her friends came up and wanted to talk because she had questions about what Kat had said. Kat told her more about how she could have a relationship with God through Jesus and that night, her friend placed her faith in Christ. Of course Kat was thrilled. She said, "There is no greater feeling than the one you get after you help someone come to Christ. No greater feeling. I hope to continue to share my faith with others, especially my brother."

In Student Venture we believe that students can make an enormous difference for Christ on their campus and among their peers if they are simply challenged and equipped to do so. Just imagine how many other "Kats" are out there who could be reached for Christ and then challenged and equipped to reach others. What a difference that could make!

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